Women's Health: Promoting prevention and advocating for increased access to quality information and services

Prevention Access Quality Care

  • As "healthcare gatekeepers" of their families, women have expressed concern about the lack of protection in managed care plans, access to specialists, arbitrary limits on health care, and the quality and accountability of health care plans.
  • Health care problems can impair women's quality of life as well as their ability to care for themselves and their families.
  • Women's health status is connected to women's poverty status, access to health insurance, and reproductive rights and family planning.
  • Women experience psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and eating disorders at higher rates than men
  • Compared with the treatment given to men, it has been reported that health providers give women less thorough examinations for similar complaints, minimize their symptoms, provide fewer interventions for the same diagnosis, prescribe some types of medication more often, or provide less explanation in response to questions.

Women's Health Activities:

  • Advocated for legislative initiatives to improve access and insurance coverage for basic health needs of women
  • Co-sponsored and participated in workshops and conferences focused on women's health
  • Sponsored statewide teen focused conferences on pregnancy prevention reaching nearly 1,000 middle school and high school students
  • Sponsored awareness workshops for women organizations on the issue of HIV/AIDS

Women's Health Strategic Plans:

  • Increase awareness of the health issues and needs of women in Delaware
  • Encourage and support prevention strategies
  • Advocate for improved access to quality information and services