Violence Prevention: Increasing awareness and promoting safety at home, in schools and work.

  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 14 - 55.
  • Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence regardless of age, income, race, religion, profession, culture, or status.
  • Domestic violence does not stay at home when its victims go to work. It can interfere with a victim's ability to get, keep, or perform a job.
  • Nationally, up to 50% of all homeless women and children are on the streets because of violence in the home.
  • Violence in schools interferes with learning; violence in communities interferes with the quality of life of all its members.
  • All citizens, but particularly children, deserve to live, work and attend school in environments free from violence.

Violence Prevention Activities

  • Date Rape Issue Briefings
  • Secret no More Incest and Sexual Abuse Newsletter
  • Workplace Domestic Violence Forums
  • Development and production of resources that facilitate the involvement of physicians and employers in domestic violence awareness and prevention.  These resources will be available in English and Spanish.
  • Sponsor monthly Pro Se "Do It Yourself" Divorce Seminars

Violence Prevention Strategic Plans

  • Increase awareness of the impact of domestic violence at home and at work.
  • Advocate safer homes, schools and communities.
  • Improve access to information and resources on matters of violence.