• There is considerable evidence that early motherhood imposes economic disadvantages on both generations."
  • "In the U.S. about 40% of mothers who give birth during their teen years graduate from high school, and only 4% graduate from college."
  • "With limited education and less likelihood of marrying than non-parenting teens, early motherhood severely restricts opportunities for economic self-sufficiency."
    KIDS Count in Delaware-1996

Teenz 2 Teenz


  • From 1996 - 1998 the Commission focused resources on reducing the rate of teen pregnancy in Delaware by giving teens an opportunity to identify issues and engage in peer dialogue.
  • DCW sponsored TEENZ-2-TEENZ forums (in each of the three counties) attracting nearly 1,000 middle and high school students statewide.
  • In working with teens (students grades 7-12) to plan the teen-driven, adult-guided forum (Teenz-2-Teenz), the Commission learned that self-esteem, communicating effectively with parents and other adults, stress, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol and date rape are major issues impacting teen pregnancy


  • Delaware has seen a drop the rate of teen pregnancy. The Commission hopes to continue to facilitate dialogue on the issues the teens themselves have identified as significant motivation to postpone premature pregnancy.