The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women was established in 1981. It is the oldest annual celebration of Delaware Women, inclusive of all women throughout the State. Its purpose is to annually recognize and acknowledge the achievements of remarkable Delaware women.

Members are from different eras, cultural backgrounds and experiences. Their courage, vision, and resiliency have profoundly impacted their neighborhoods; community; the state and or the nation. In some cases their impact has been felt globally. The members are women who worked to improve the quality of life in a variety of professions including volunteers and advocates.

A state-wide selection committee has the difficult task of rating and selecting the most outstanding from nominations submitted in a particular year. The selection process was designed for the careful and ethical review and evaluation of each of the nominations. It is often a very tight race due to the number of extraordinary women in Delaware. Nominees who are not selected are encouraged to reapply in the future.

Nominations are being accepted for the Hall of Fame  through Friday, November 18, 2016.

The award ceremony and reception gives citizens, historians, educators, businesses, the media and families and friends the opportunity to share in the acknowledgement of the accomplishments of these unique individuals.