• Nearly one-third of those on welfare in Delaware are women, two-thirds are children.
  • Families of all income levels face work/family challenges, but low-income families have fewer available solutions. National Partnership for Women & Family Matter
  • Equal pay is an urgent concern for millions of working women.
  • Despite their increased responsibilities as economic providers for their families, women still earn approximately $0.74 cents to every dollar earned by men. For African-American women it is $0.63 cents and for Hispanic women, $0.54 cents.


  • Under the leadership of the late Sally J. Knox in the early "90’s, DCW strongly supported the issue of pay equity for women.
  • In April 1997 the Commission convened a statewide interactive forum, "Welfare Reform: The Impact on Women & Children in Delaware" to which law-makers, policy-makers, advocates (national and local), non-profit agencies and benefit recipients were invited for a dialogue about the challenges of the state’s reform initiative.
  • In May 1998, now clearer about its role in welfare reform, the Commission held focus group meetings to frame the focal point of the second statewide interactive video titled "Welfare Reform: Sharing What We’ve Learned." This forum engaged the parties in constructive dialogue regarding the impact of compliance with reform policies and requirements.


  • The Commission for Women supports the notion that work must pay, but goes further to believe that it must pay equally and equitably.