Civil Rights: Advancing social, political, and economic equality and justice

Voting Discrimination Sexual Harassment Sexual Orientation Race Gender Access Opportunity

  • Eliminating discriminatory practices that deny equal access and opportunities is an imperative in a global society
  • Voting - an opportunity to have a voice in the shaping of your community, your nation, your future.
  • Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention at work. Employees (and all persons) must know and exercise their rights and protections under the law.

Civil Rights Activities

  • Produced a Pro Se Legal Information Video Series and Legal Handbook, available in English and Spanish, covering such topics as divorce, custody, child support and protection from abuse
  • Worked locally and nationally to educate voters and candidates on public policy issues important to women, and to encourage informed voting.
  • Advocated for a Level IV correctional facility for women.

Civil Rights Strategic Plans

  • Improve women's awareness of and access to information and resources regarding legal rights.
  • Monitor laws and policies for their impact on women
  • Advocate for the elimination of all forms of discrimination
  • Advocate for issues affecting incarcerated women